This site was created to answer complex questions, resolve disputes (and, sometimes, start them!) in simple, logical ways.

Get your controversial or complicated question on just about ANY topic answered in a SIMPLE way by our community (as well as by yours truly!)

NOTE: Adding a “kids questions” section soon!

Ispecialize in “debatable” topics, rather than simple definitions. I don’t usually go into too many details in my in-house answers (I want them to be snappy and simple, where possible), but I always provide links to back up my statements. My answers will usually come from a “libertarian” perspective.

Remember: the guiding principle in all YOUR answers is to KEEP IT SIMPLE BUT INFORMATIVE!



  • Use comments (underneath each question) for your answers to the questions posed.
  • You can use special formatting shortcodes within your comments to make your points stand out:
    • Grey box for a general comment: _box1then your text, and then _box2 at the end of your comment.
    • Yellow box with an exclamation mark: _box3 and end with _box2.
    • Blue box for any final remarks: _box4 and end with _box2.
    • Green box for external links to back up your case: Type _box5 and end with _box2.
  • You can click on the stars or the thumbs-up/down to rate the original question as well as the comments/answers.
  • You can also click on the grey (or green) call out on the left of each comment, if you want to up-vote it for being useful to you. Note: you need to be logged in to be able to do that.

  • This requires a brief registration.
  • Once you register, log in, and then you can type your question along with a brief explanation/elaboration.
  • Make sure your title is clear and will attract answers.
  • The site administrator may decide to add images to your question (or not).
  • Save. Await answers.
  • NOTE: “Uncategorized” questions will be manually categorized by the Admin and may not show up immediately until the Admin re-categorizes it.
  • You are welcome to suggest categories within your description (it will be cleaned up and edited by us later).
  • NOTE: You can’t put your own images in the posts, but if you have a particular image in mind, just paste the URL to it after your question and we’ll use it.
  • NOTE: When you see an image on a new question, it’s a sign that someone at Simplify123 is already working on an answer.
  • NOTE: You can answer ANY question, even if (especially if) there are no in-house answers to it. Also feel free to provide a BETTER answer than the already published ones.

  • Some (initially most) questions will be answered by me, using my handle “In-house Opinon (Paul)”.
  • I ALWAYS post links to substantiate my answers (which helps keeping them simple – as well as reasonably authoritative).
  • I also post links to opinions OPPOSING my answers.
  • If you can, try to do the same. That will make it all so much more interesting.
  • My answers are not intended to be “definitive”, but they will always be as well-argued and concise as I can make them. Do feel free to challenge me!
  • As more questions and answers are posted, I may have to get selective about what I personally answer. So, if you want to specifically request that I provide an answer – indicate that in your elaboration (under the title of your question).
  • I reserve the right to remove any questions, comments or answers which are hateful, offensive, pornographic or just plain stupid.


Whoever starts a given question or topic can, at his or her leisure, pick the best answer, usually after a couple of weeks – but there’s no fixed rule for that as yet.

Feel free to vote posts and answers up or down.

And DON’T FORGET TO SHARE on your Facebook, Twitter and other social accounts!

Oh, and one more thing: Make sure you sign up to comments when you post, so that you can be kept up to date on all the action.

(Just keep in mind this site is just spinning up, so initially there won’t be too much – but it should keep picking up steadily!).

Enjoy the site!


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